"my friends and me have a small club somewhere closeby, if you feel like coming later.. it's a white cave. fucked up. sweaty people. bodily dance dance style. nightly mail confirms: we had the best time at your place. and then later: can we play there? bands have played there. yow. 2 years later you realize it's not just a club, everyone is just always there. wednesday. the deutsch-antwerpische freundschaft. kunstverein. hilarious slideshow. lifesize regulars. a singing tulip. a slap in the face. the bandana obviously likes blowjobs. out of pussy? no man, autopussy. are you a rocker? i'm a rocker too. no no, i'm moroccan. i can't listen to a lot of songs without thinking of roxi situations. smelly crowds. pillow fights. sky dives. nightlife smiles. rundgang. broken boxes. disco football. terrible tags. sticker saucage types. and then people who've never been there ask if it's really this small. it's not even half. and still it's most likely the most generous, sweet and authentic place you've ever been part of some sort of community at. it's gold, the roxi."
(liner notes roxi music double l.p., by jan matthé, antwerpen)

adresse: in der ehemals öffentlichen toilettenanlage im maindamm gegenüber dem isenburger schloss, in offenbach am main.
address: the roxi is situated in the mainstrasse, at the crossroads with the schlossstrasse (on the other side of the street from the isenburger castle), in offenbach am main (frankfurt), germany.

kontakt email: punkroxi@hotmail.com (mail)
oder myspace.com/punkroxi


website: ilovesmokers.com